Decarbonizing Electricity, Transportation, Buildings, and Industry

.0.0.0         Energy Innovation: How To Reach U.S. Net Zero Emissions By 2050         U.S. Statistics         U.S. GHG Emissions by Sector         images         details         Electricity         U.S. electricity demand by sector in a business-as-usual scenario         images         details         U.S. electricity generation by source in a business as usual scenario         images         details         Policies' contribution to abatement of U.S. electricity emissions in the net zero pathway         images         details         Policies' contribution to abatement of U.S. electricity emissions in the net zero pathway - Detail         

Carbon-free electricity standard (85% of abatement)         

Complementary power sector policies         

Policies in other sectors (14%)         U.S. electricity generation by source in the net zero pathway         Link         images         details         Changes in electricity generation capacity (compared to business-as-usual) in the net zero pathway         images         details         Net zero power drives a clean economy         details         Transportation         Transportation CO2 Emissions by Vehicle Type - Business as usual         images         details         Policies to reduce transportation emissions         images         details         Policies to reduce transportation emissions- Details         Link         Link         

Electric vehicle sales requirement (73% of abatement)         

Transportation demand management (TDM, 13%)         

Hydrogen vehicle sales mandate (12%)         

Vehicle fuel economy or CO2emissions standards (3%)         Transportation sector fuel use by fuel type in the net zero emissions scenario         images         details         U.S. transportation GHG emissions by vehicle type in the Net Zero Emissions scenario         images         details         Achieving low-carbon transportation for net zero emissions         Buildings         U.S. energy use in residential and commercial buildings, by component and building         images         details         U.S. energy use in buildings, by fuel type, in a business-as-usual pathway         images         details         Policies to decarbonize U.S. buildings         images         details         Policies to decarbonize U.S. buildings         details         U.S. energy use in buildings, by fuel type         images         details         Early action is the key to building decarbonization         details         Industry         Direct emissions from U.S. Industry in a Business-as-Usual scenario         images         details         Policies to decarbonize the industry sector         images         details         Policies to decarbonize the industry sector - Details         

Electrification and hydrogen (38% of abatement)         

Material efficiency, longevity, and re-use (21%)         

Replace fluorinated gases (14%)         

Methane capture and destruction (8%)         

Carbon tax (6%)         

Industry energy efficiency standards (3%)         

Other policies and technologies (12%)         Reducing fuel use and residual emissions         images         details         U.S. industry GHG emissions by pollutant         images         details         Achieving low-carbon industry for net zero emissions         details