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Shell Renewables Head to Leave Amid Fossil Fuel Shift - Bloomberg Energy Science  (Jun 30)
The State of World Energy Explained in 4 Charts - Bloomberg Energy Science  (Jun 29)
In Texas Heat Wave, ACs Keep Humming on Renewable Power - Bloomberg Energy Science  (Jun 28)
EU Power-Market Design Talks Fail Amid French Nuclear Rift - Bloomberg Energy Science  (Jun 19)
Solar Beats Coal in Europe for First Time - But There’s a Glitch - Bloomberg Energy Science  (Jun 03, 2023)
Multiplying Solar and Battery Factories Put Net Zero in Closer Reach - Bloomberg Energy Science  (May 25, 2023)
Renewables to Top Africa Climate Deals on Blackouts: Survey - Bloomberg Energy Science  (May 25, 2023)
An Effort to Scale Solar in Africa Was a Victim of Its Own Success - Bloomberg Energy Science  (May 18, 2023)
Shell Demands Profit From Green Energy, Not Just CO2 Cuts - Bloomberg Energy Science  (May 18, 2023)
Vietnam Has $135 Billion Plan to Slash Coal-Fired Power by 2030 - Bloomberg Energy Science  (May 16, 2023)
Zanzibar Archipelago Seeks Energy Independence With Solar Plan - Bloomberg Energy Science  (May 15, 2023)
Africa Needs $700 Billion of Finance for Green Energy and Metals - Bloomberg Energy Science  (May 10, 2023)
Solar Panel Orders Point to Clean Energy Boom From US Climate Law - Bloomberg Energy Science  (May 04, 2023)
Sunrun to Install a Nuclear Plant’s Worth of Solar This Year - Bloomberg Energy Science  (May 03, 2023)
Shipping Has Largely Relied on One Fuel. It Now Needs Many: Sparklines - Bloomberg Energy Science  (Apr 27, 2023)
Mining Lithium in Abandoned Oil Fields for Tomorrow’s EVs - Bloomberg Energy Science  (Apr 20, 2023)
What’s Needed to Reach Net-Zero This Century, According to the IEA - Bloomberg Energy Science  (Apr 20, 2023)
Airlines Will Hike Ticket Prices to Pay for Costly Sustainable Fuel - Bloomberg Energy Science  (Apr 19, 2023)
Pentagon Sounds Alarm Over Biden Plan for Offshore Wind Sites - Bloomberg Energy Science  (Apr 17, 2023)
Germany Retires Last Nuclear Plants in Hopes of Greener Pastures - Bloomberg Energy Science  (Apr 15, 2023)
Solar, Wind and Battery Projects Throng US Grid Connection Queue - Bloomberg Energy Science  (Apr 13, 2023)
A Football Field-Sized Boat Will Service US Offshore Wind Farms - Bloomberg Energy Science  (Apr 04, 2023)
Japan Mulls Updating Hydrogen Plan With $113 Billion in Funds - Bloomberg Energy Science  (Apr 04, 2023)
What Higher Oil Prices Mean for the Fight Against Climate Change - Bloomberg Energy Science  (Apr 03, 2023)
Australia Sees Lithium Exports Matching Thermal Coal by 2028 - Bloomberg Energy Science  (Apr 02, 2023)
India Predicts a Hotter Summer, Raising Power Supply Worries - Bloomberg Energy Science  (Apr 01, 2023)
EU Proposes Extending 15% Cut in Gas Demand Through Next Winter - Bloomberg Energy Science  (Mar 20, 2023)
Republican Lawmakers Pan Offshore Wind Plans at NJ Event - Bloomberg Energy Science  (Mar 16, 2023)
BP Economist Warns Against Too Much Focus on Decarbonization - Bloomberg Energy Science  (Mar 14, 2023)
Algae Fuel Company That Exxon Once Bankrolled Finds New Funders - Bloomberg Energy Science  (Mar 13, 2023)
Texas Power Grid May Need 'Breath of God’ to Keep Cool in Summer - Bloomberg Energy Science  (Mar 12, 2023)
Planet-Saving Wind Farms Fall Victim to Global Inflation Fight - Bloomberg Energy Science  (Mar 10, 2023)