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Climate Change-Fueled Blaze Destroys 1,000 Homes in Colorado in Rare Winter Wildfire - Climate Crisis (Democracy Now - Playlist)  (Jan 03, 2022)
'Shelter from the Storm': Climate Change Is a Driving Force in Central American Migration - Climate Crisis (Democracy Now - Playlist)  (Apr 23, 2021)
Biden Vows to Cut Emissions, But U.S. Continues to Subsidize Fossil Fuels Amid Climate Crisis - Climate Crisis (Democracy Now - Playlist)  (Apr 23, 2021)
Decolonization or Extinction: Indigenous Red Deal Lays Out Plan to Save the Earth - Climate Crisis (Democracy Now - Playlist)  (Apr 22, 2021)
\"A Big Deal\": Bill McKibben on Rutgers Fossil Fuel Divestment & the Future of Climate Justice - Climate Crisis (Democracy Now - Playlist)  (Mar 10, 2021)
Biden Taps Climate Team Focused on Environmental Racism & Science to Replace Industry Lobbyists - Climate Crisis (Democracy Now - Playlist)  (Dec 21, 2020)
South African Activist Kumi Naidoo: Trump is Attempting a Coup to Install Minority Rule - Climate Crisis (Democracy Now - Playlist)  (Nov 12, 2020)
How U.S. government action has fueled the West Coast climate fires - Climate Crisis (Democracy Now - Playlist)  (Sep 14, 2020)
'This Is Climate Change': West Coast Fires Scorch Millions of Acres & Blot Out the Sun - Climate Crisis (Democracy Now - Playlist)  (Sep 10, 2020)
How the climate crisis is making fire season longer and more destructive - Climate Crisis (Democracy Now - Playlist)  (Sep 10, 2020)
Hurricane Laura Devastates Gulf Coast, Laying Bare Climate Crisis, Environmental Injustice - Climate Crisis (Democracy Now - Playlist)  (Aug 28, 2020)
\"A Human Tragedy\": Wildfires Reveal California's Reliance on Incarcerated Firefighters - Climate Crisis (Democracy Now - Playlist)  (Aug 25, 2020)
Why the COVID-19 crisis won&t stop grassroots activists in Chile - Climate Crisis (Democracy Now - Playlist)  (Apr 22, 2020)
How human activity impacts the planet's ecology and leads to viral outbreaks - Climate Crisis (Democracy Now - Playlist)  (Mar 21, 2020)
Greta Thunberg Addresses Global Elite at Davos: Our House Is Still on Fire - Climate Crisis (Democracy Now - Playlist)  (Jan 21, 2020)