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Title:Scientists are using machine learning to forecast bird migration and identify birds in flight by their calls
Date:3/24/2023 8:25:12 AM

Machine learning is also helping scientists engage the public in conservation. For example, forecasts produced by the BirdCast team are often used to inform Lights Out campaigns. These initiatives seek to reduce artificial light from cities, which attracts migrating birds and increases their chances of colliding with human-built structures, such as buildings and communication towers. Lights Out campaigns can mobilize people to help protect birds at the flip of a switch. As another example, the Merlin bird identification app seeks to create technology that makes birding easier for everyone. In 2021, the Merlin staff released a feature that automates song and call identification, allowing users to identify what they're hearing in real time, like an ornithological version of Shazam. This feature has opened the door for millions of people to engage with their natural spaces in a new way. Machine learning is a big part of what made it possible. "Sound ID is our biggest success in terms of r

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