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Title:New Video: Europe Now a Global Warming Hot Spot

This is my last video for Yale Climate Connections, I’ve already transitioned to more focus on helping site clean energy across the US Heartland. When I began producing a monthly series for Yale, in 2011, I was one of just a few journalists focusing on climate as an issue. Now there are comparative armies of journalists and videographers following the issue. Our most critical need now is not more information on the problem – it is to vastly accelerate deployment of solutions.

This week I’ve met with two groups of farmers who are under sustained attack by fossil fuel coordinated disinformation campaigns, designed to deprive farmers of the right to diversify their incomes and contribute to solving the world’s most critical issue. They are seeking to tell their stories to a wider audience, and organize to push back on what they see as not just a threat to a livable planet, but an immediate threat to democracy itself.

I’ll still be following climate issues and scientists, but my most urgent attention will be at the grassroots level, fighting the fossil fueled disinformation machine, and the campaign of fear, ignorance, and intimidation that the Carbon Lords hope will help them cling to the power and influence they’ve enjoyed for more than a century.

Sorry to hear it’s your last YCC video. They’ve been great! Glad you’re working on deploying solutions in the heartland though ??

I like the YCC clips of variety of scientific experts reinforcing the new climactic concepts overlaid with visuals of what they’re describing, interspersed with TV meteorologists in their familiar presentations reporting the record-breaking weather events as they occur, connecting the theoretical with the empirical.

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Date Added:3/26/2023 6:39:40 AM