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Title:Musk gives Ford access to Tesla's US chargers

Tesla will open its network of superchargers in the United States and Canada to Ford electric vehicles from 2024, the companies said Thursday, doubling the stations available to Ford customers. "In early 2024, all of Ford's existing customers and future customers will have access to 12,000 Tesla superchargers and high-speed superchargers across the US," Ford CEO Jim Farley said in a joint announcement with Tesla owner Elon Musk. Musk said he did not want Tesla charging stations "to be a walled garden," referring to strategies that block rivals from sharing products or technology. "We want it to be something that is supportive of electrification and sustainable transport in general," Musk added. In addition, Ford's next-generation of EVs will include Tesla's charging plug, allowing owners to charge at Tesla stations without an adapter, Farley said. The announcement was made in a Twitter Spaces event, the same format used by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis on Wednesday to announce his ca

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Date Added:5/26/2023 6:39:38 AM