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Title:Can Forest Gardens Contain the Sahara?

Video by Permaculture expert Andrew Millison of Oregon State University.

He profiles the work of Trees for the Future, a organization devoted to ecological restoration based on tree planting. This current work draws from 30 years of experience and missteps in tree planting efforts, with, it would appear, a well thought out program aimed at creating profit making permaculture environments for communities across the southern end of the Sahara, to preserve and expand livelihoods for families, as well as curb the expansion of the desert.

For this video, the makers claim that they will plant a tree for every comment made, so consider doing that.A companion video, made by a collaborating organization, Planet Wild, adds more detail, below.

This is amazing! What a delightful surprise. I want to support this!!

Comment. Go for it. Do what works best and piss on ideological purity.


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