Only 2.3% of extra heat is warming the atmosphere, so the recent slowdown in atmospheric temperature increase is just temporary
Where is global warming going
Only about 2.3% of the excess energy is used to warm the atmosphere, while about 1.3% is used to melt glaciers and about 0.8% is used to melt Arctic sea ice.

Figure 1: components of global warming for the period 1993 to 2003 calculated from IPCC AR4
The percentages were calculated from Figure 5.4 from Section of the IPCC 4th Assessment Report (h/t to Humanity Rules for the heads up). The IPCC graph shows changes in energy content for two different periods: 1961 to 2003 and 1993 to 2003. The ocean heat figure of 93.4% is almost certainly an underestimate as it only includes ocean heat down to 700 metres (Levitus 2005).
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