Methane global emissions - 2003-2012 decade

Figure 5. Methane global emissions from the five broad cate- gories (see Sect. 2.3) for the 2003–2012 decade for top-down in- versions models (left light-coloured boxplots) in Tg CH4 yr-1 and for bottom-up models and inventories (right dark-coloured box- plots). Median value, and first and third quartiles are presented in the boxes. The whiskers represent the minimum and maximum val- ues when suspected outliers are removed (see Sect. 2.2). Suspected outliers are marked with stars when existing. Bottom-up quartiles are not available for bottom-up estimates. Mean values are repre- sented with “+” symbols; these are the values reported in Table 2.
Source: Earth System Science Data
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