Global temperature with trends for El Niño

GISTemp global temperatures, with trends for El Niño, neutral, and La Niña years computed separately. Pinatubo years are excluded.
There aren’t that many full-blown El Niño events, but global temperatures during El Niños seem to be following a steady upward trend. There are more La Niña events, and those global temperatures also clearly follow a steady upward trend. Finally, the temperatures during the many neutral years also show no sign of departing from a steady upward trend. There’s enough scatter in the neutral years that if one had considered the period 1977-1987, or the period 1987-1997, one might be tempted to say that the neutral years had little or no warming. But the past decade fits nicely with the long-term upward trend of 0.16 C/decade shown by all three time series.
Source: Houston Chronicle
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