Words which can be included in 'Words Sets'

There are thousands of distinct words in the articles in the My CCNews database. In order to reduce the number of words that can be selected on a "selection form", only about 150 "key words" are listed. A future enhancement will allow the user to enter names of specific Words in an "Words selection set".

Articles with any of these "key words" "flagged" as such to make it easier for the user to view just artiles which are related to climate change. When the "Search Articles" search form is displayed, only articles with a key word in the title are originally displayed. The "Advanced Search" option can be used to change this.

.0CcoalGreen New DealRadiative Forcing
.5CCoal-freegreener liferenewable
100% RenewableCoralGreenhouseRenewable energy
99 Percent MovementDakota Access PipelineGreenhouse Gas EmissionsRoadmap
AcidificationDeforestationGreenlandsave life on Earth
Air PollutionDisasterGreenwashingsave the earth
AlbedodoomedHeat Wavesave the world
AmazonDroughthotter futureSea ice
AntarcticEarth DayHottestSea Level
ArcticElectric CarHurricane IreneSea Level Rise
AtlanticElectric grid and storageHurricane KatrinaSequestration
AtmosphereElectricityHurricane MatthewSnow Cover
batteryemissionsHurricane SandySoil Carbon
Big OilEnergyIPCCSolar
BiofuelsEnergy EfficiencyKeystone XLSolar Energy
Cap And TradeEnvironmentMangrovesSolar Power
Carbonexistential crisisMarch For ScienceSun
carbon creditsExtinction RebellionMethanetarsands
Carbon cycleExtinction RebelsMigrationTemperature
carbon dioxideextreme rainfallNASATesla
Carbon EmissionsExtreme WeatherNatural GasTipping point
Carbon sequestrationFeedbackNOAATragedy of the Commons
carbon taxfloodNuclearTransportation
CH4Food InsecurityNuclear energytree-planting drones
Clean Energy EconomyForestOceanuptake
Clean Power PlanFossil Fuelocean carbonWarming
ClimateFrackingOcean circulationWeather
Climate ChangeGeoengineeringOcean currentWildfire
Climate Change DenierGHGOffshore DrillingWind
Climate DisruptionGlacierOil And GasWind Energy
Climate MarchGlobal BoilingOil SpillWind farms
Climate Scienceglobal catastrophePaleoclimateWinter
Climate SensitivityGlobal HealthParis Agreementzero-emission
Climate SolutionsGlobal WarmingPermafrost
CO2Green BuildingPolar Vortex