Global Warming/Climate Change Images

Global Average (Land + Sea) Temperature 1975-1979 (relative to 1880-1920 climatology): ( ) (Temperature )
Global Average (Land + Sea) Temperature 2016-2020 (relative to 1880-1920 climatology): ( ) (Temperature )
Carbon Dioxide Equivalent 1979-2019 (equivalent carbon dioxide concentration taking into account other greenhouse gases, such as methane and nitrous oxide): ( ) (Methane Greenhouse Gases Carbon Dioxide Greenhouse Gases Carbon Dioxide )
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Figure 1.Mechanisms influencing WNV transmission. ( ) (Temperature Population )
Figure 2.Climate and immunity correlations with annual state WNND cases. ( ) (Temperature Climate Droughts )
Figure 3.Climate, immunity and WNND cases. ( ) (Climate )
Figure 4.(a) National historical and projected WNND cases. ( ) ()
2018 Oil and Gas Methane Emissions – Distribution (~34 MMTCO2e) ( ) (Methane )
2018 Oil and Gas Methane Emissions – Transmission (~34 MMTCO2e) ( ) (Methane )
2018 Oil and Gas Methane Emissions - Processing (~12 MMTCO2e) ( ) (Methane )
2018 Oil and Gas Methane Emissions - Production (~117 MMTCO2e) ( ) (Methane )
2018 Oil and Gas Methane Emissions by Segment (~175 MMTCO2e) ( ) (Methane )
2018 U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emissions – A: Direct Emissions by Sector B: Emissions By End Use Sector ( ) (Greenhouse Gases Energy )
Annotated Global Average  1850-2017 (TempAnnotated AnnotatedGlobalAverage1850_2017) (temperature)
Antarctic ice melt is twice as fast as ten years ago (AntarcticMeltFaster ) (Antarctic Sea Level)
Antarctica Ice Cap Mass 2002-2020 (relative to 2002) ( ) (Arctic Antarctic )
Arctic and Global Temperature Anomoly (ArtcicGlobalTemp ) (Arctic Temperature)
Arctic and Global Temperature Anomoly - Cowtan & Way (ArtcicGlobalTempCont ) (Arctic Temperature)
Arctic Ice Volume in September - 1979-2013 (AMinIce ArcticMinIceVolume) (Arctic)
Arctic Sea Ice Death Spiral (ADS Arctic Ice Death Spiral) (Arctic)
Arctic Sea Ice Extent (ASIE Arctic Sea Ice Extent) (Arctic)
Arctic Sea Ice Extent 1979-2020 ( ) (Arctic Sea ice )
Arctic Sea Ice Extent Ananoly - Nov 2016 ( ) (Arctic)
Arctic Sea Ice Extent Minimum 1979-2019 (relative to 1979) ( ) (Arctic Sea ice )
Arctic Sea Ice Melt Season 1979-2020 ( ) (Arctic Sea ice )
Arctic Sea Ice Minimum and Maximum Extents (compared to the averages) (NAS01A ) (Arctic)
Arctic Sea Ice Volume 1979-2020 ( ) (Arctic Sea ice )
Artcic sea ice extent for the last 1,450 years (ArcticSeaIce1450Yrs ) (Arctic)
Artcic Sea Ice Extent Through Nov 2016 (ArcticSeaIce201611 ) (Arctic)
Change in average surface temperature (1986-2005 and 2081-2100) (SurfTemp2100 ) (Temperature)
CO2 Concentration at Mona Loa Observatory Since 1959 (MLCO2From1959 MonaLoaCO2From1959) (Carbon Dioxide)
CO2 Concentrations Last 800,000 Years (CO2From800K CO2From800KYearsAgo) (Carbon Dioxide Paleoclimate)
CO2 Concentrations Since 1700 (CO2From1700 CO2From1700) (Carbon Dioxide)
CO2 Levels for Last 10000 Yerars (Mauna Loa) (CO2Last10KYears ) (Carbon Dioxide)
CO2 Levels for Previous Month (Mauna Loa) (CO2PrevMonth ) (Carbon Dioxide)
CO2 Levels for Previous Six Months (Mauna Loa) (CO2PrevSixMonths ) (Carbon Dioxide)
CO2 Levels for Previous Two Years (Mauna Loa) (CO2PrevTwoYears ) (Carbon Dioxide)
CO2 Levels for Since 1700 (Mauna Loa) (CO2Since1700 ) (Carbon Dioxide)
CO2 Levels for Since 1958 (Mauna Loa) (CO2Since1958 ) (Carbon Dioxide)
Conclusions (Conclusions ) ()
Contributions to Sea Level Rise (1993-2008 Average) (SeaLevelContributors ) (Sea Level)
Cross-plot of estimates of atmospheric CO2 and coinciding sea level (AtmosCO2VsSeaLevel ) (Carbon Dioxide sea level Paleoclimate)
Current CO2 Levels (Mauna Loa) (CO2Current ) (Carbon Dioxide)
Does the rate of warming vary from one decade to another? (NAS09 ) (Weather)
Earth System Tipping Points (TipPts ) (Tipping)
Earth System Tipping Points Liklihood (TipPtsLike ) (Tipping)
El Niño/La Niña Global Surface Temperature Influence - 1967-2012 (ElNinoTemp ) (Temperature)
Energy absorbed by the Earth 1970-2010 - Most of the heat is going into the oceans (EnrgyAbsorb1970_2010 ) (Temperature Oceans)
Equilibrium sea level change relative to temperature change (EquilSeaLevelVsTemp ) (sea level)
Estimated potential maximum sea-level rise from the total melting of present-day glaciers (MaxSLRFromGlaciers ) ( Sea Level Glaciers Greenland Antartica)
Expert range of sea-level rise forecasts for 2100 and 2300 (SLRExperts2300 ) (sea level)
Forests man shift from sinks to sources (ForestSinkToSource ) (Forests)
Fossil Fuel Reserves (FossilFuelReserves ) (Fossil Fuel)
GHG Concentration Stabilization Level vs Average Temperature Increase (Charney ) (GHG Temperature Carbon Dioxide)
Global Mean  Anomaly (TempThreeYears ) (temperature)
Global anthropogenic emissions (excl. biomass burning) (GlobMethane02 ) (Methane)
Global Average (Land) Temperature 1975-1979 (relative to 1880-1920 climatology): ( ) (Temperature )
Global Average (Land) Temperature 2016-2020 (relative to 1880-1920 climatology): ( ) (Temperature )
Global average surface temperature rise for the four RCPs (TempAllRCPs ) (temperature)
Global average temperature estimates for the last 540 My (TempLast540MY ) (Temperature)
Global CO2 Emissions - Projected vs Actual (through 2014) (GlobalCO2Thru2014 ) (Carbon Dioxide)
Global CO2 of emissions 1990-2020 ( ) ()
Global Deep Open Temperatures Last 65 Million years (DeepOceanTemps65Myrs ) (Temperature)
Global Ocean Heat Content 1979-2020 (relative to 1981-2010) ( ) (Sea Level Oceans )
Global Sea-level Rise 1960-2013 (NAS01C ) (Sea Level)
Global Soil Carbon (SoilCarbon ) (Soil Carbon)
Global Temperature and Carbon Dioxide - 1880-2012 (GTCO2 GlobalTempAndCO2) (Temperature Carbon Dioxide)
Global Temperature Anomoly (Global Temp ) (Temperature)
Global temperature with trends for El Niño (ElNinoTempInfluence ElNinoTempInfluence) (Temperature)
Global upper 2000 m ocean heat content from 1958 through 2020 ( ) (Oceans )
Greenland Ice Cap Mass 2002-2020 (relative to 2002) ( ) (Greenland )
Greenland Ice Sheet Mass 1992 - 2012 (GrnlandMelt1990_2012 ) (Greenland)
Historic carbon dioxide emissions by countries as percent of world emissions (1751-2017). ( ) (Carbon Dioxide Carbon Dioxide )
How are climate model projections doing? (TempModels HowAreModelProjectionDoing) (temperature;models)
How confident are scientists that Earth will warm further over the coming century? (NAS16 ) (Warming)
How fast is sea level rising? (NAS14 ) (Sea level)
If emissions of greenhouse gases were stopped, would the climate return to the conditions of 200 years ago? (NAS20 ) (Carbon Dioxide Methane)
Impact of ENSO on NASA analysis (TempEnso ImpactofENSOonTemps) (temperature)
Increase in Extreme Precipitation Events 1958-2012 (IncrExtremePrecip ) (Atmosphere Weather)
increase of 1.5° C in 2029 (Temp15In2029 ) (temperature)
IPCC Sea Level 2100 - All Scenarios (IPCCSeaLevel ) (Sea Level)
Is the climate warming? (NAS01 ) (Temperature)
Is the current level of atmospheric CO2 concentration unprecedented in Earth’s history? (NAS07 ) (Atmosphere Carbon Dioxide Paleoclimate)
Keeping the Temperature Rise to 1.5° C ( ) (Temperature Climate Energy )
Local Sea Level Rise and Tidal Flooding, 1970–2012 (Boston, MA; Atlantic City, NJ; Norfolk, VA; Charleston, SC) (USTidlFlood1970_2012 ) (Sea Level)
Local Sea Level Rise and Tidal Flooding, 1970–2012 (Boston, MA; Atlantic City, NJ; Norfolk, VA; Charleston, SC) (USTidlFlood2013_2045 ) (Sea Level)
Map of areas and locations for geological emissions of methane (GlobMethane04 ) (Methane)
Map of Miami when sea levels rise 2 meters (SLRMiami ) (Sea Level)
Mean cumulative mass balance of all reported glaciers (blue line) and the reference glaciers (red line). (GlacierMass ) (Glaciers Greenland)
Methane Budget (Methane Budget ) (Methane)
Methane Concentration (Methane ) (Methane)
Methane Concentration and Growth Rate (1980-2012) (GlobMethane01 ) (Methane)
Methane emissions from four source categories (GlobMethane03 ) (Methane)
Methane global emissions - 2003-2012 decade (GlobMethane05 ) (Methane)
Northern Hemisphere annual average snow anomaly (NAS01D ) (Snow)
Northern Hemisphere Snow Cover - 1967 to 2016 (NHSC NorthernHemisphereSnowCover) (Snow Cover)
Observed Change in Very Heavy Precipitation (HeavyPrecip ) (Weather)
Ocean heat budget from 1960 to 2020 ( ) (Oceans )
Ocean Heat Content Anomaly (NAS01B ) (Oceans)
Ocean pH Since 1850 and Projected to 2100 (OceanpH1850_2100 ) (Acidification)
Ocean pH vs Atmospheric CO2 PPM (OceanpHvsCO2ppm ) (Acidification)
Ocean pH vs Atmospheric ppm 1958 to 2012 (OceanpH1958_2012 ) (Acidification)
Other ice caps and glaciers in the northern hemisphere are melting faster too (GlacierMelt ) (Glaciers Sea Level)
Post Glacial Sea Level Rise (PGSeaLevel PostGlacialSeaLevelRise) (Sea Level Paleoclimate)
Projected Arctic Sea Ice Decline (ArcticSeaIceDecline ) (Arctic)
Projected Temperature Change of Hottest and Coldest Days (HotAndColdDays ) (Temperature)
Radiative forcing and albedo feedback from the Northern Hemisphere cryosphere between 1979 and 2008 (NHRF ) (Snow cover Sea ice)
Radiative forcing by emissions and drivers (1750-2011) (RF1750to2011 ) (Snow)
RCP 8.5 Sea Level rise expected by experts (RCP8.5ExpertSLR ) (Sea Level)
Regional CH4 budget in Tg CH4 yr-1 per category (GlobMethane07 ) (Methane)
Regional methane emissions - 2003-2012 decade (GlobMethane06 ) (Methane)
Regional observed upper 2000 m ocean heat content change from 1955 through 2020 ( ) (Oceans )
Satellite-based estimates of sea level between 1993 and 2011 (NOAA) (SLR1993_2011 ) (Sea Level)
Sea Level Last 3000 years from selected sites (SeaLevelLast3000yrs ) (Sea Level)
Sea Level Rise 1870 to 2000 (Tide Gauges) (SLRTideGauges ) (Sea Level)
Sea level rise contributors (SLRContrib Sea level rise contributors) (Sea level rise Greenland Glaciers Antarctic)
Sea Level Rise Due To Thermal Expansion (for next 500 years) (SLRThermal ) (Sea Level)
Sea level rise for 1961-2008 (by source) (SeaLevel1961-2008 ) (Sea Level)
Sea Level Rise Last 140,000 years (SLRLast14000yrs ) ()
Sea Surface Temperature - 1880-2012 (SST SeaSurfaceTemperature) (Temperature Oceans)
Separating Human and Natural Influences on Climate (HumanFactors ) (Human Temperature)
Small glacier/ice cap contribution (SmallGlacierContrib Small glacier/ice cap contribution) (Glaciers Sea Level)
Soot from forest fires contributed to unusually large Greenland surface melt in 2012 (GreenlndSurfMelt2012 ) (Greenland Soot Sea Level)
Subglacial topography of Antarctica (AntarticaBedrock ) (Antarctic Sea Level)
Table 1. Bottom-up models and inventories used in this study. (GlobMethane08 ) ()
Table 2. Global methane emissions by source type (GlobMethane09 ) ()
Table 2.2 | The assessed remaining carbon budget and its uncertainties. ( ) (Methane Temperature Sea ice Permafrost Feedbacks Climate Oceans Oceans Feedbacks )
Table 3. Top-down studies (GlobMethane10 ) ()
Table 4. Global, latitudinal and regional methane emissions (GlobMethane11 ) ()
Temperature Anomaly Last Ten Thousand Years (HT HoloceneTemperature) (Temperature)
Temperature vs Sea Level (TempvsSeaL ) (Temperature Sea Level Paleoclimate)
Ten Indicators of a Warming Planet (Indicators Indicators) (Warming)
The effects of a 80 meter sea level rise on North America (SeaLevelRiseof80M ) (Sea Level)
The Greenland ice sheet could melt faster than scientists first thought (GreenlndMeltFaster ) (Greenland Sea Level)
Total Glacier Ice Decline - 1860-2010 (GV GlacierVolume) (Glaciers)
Total Glacier Ice Decline - 1860-2010 ( ) (Glaciers )
Total Heat Content (Oceans, Atmosphere, and Land) - 1960-2008 (THC TotalHeatContent) (Oceans Atmosphere Haitus)
U.S. greenhouse gas emissions are grouped according to where they were produced (or burned - Figure A) and according to where they were consumed (or used – Figure B). ( ) (Greenhouse Gases Energy )
US Wildfires 1987-2012 (USFires1987_2012 ) (Weather)
West Antarctic glaciers are collapsing, and it's "unstoppable" (WestAntarticCollapse ) (Antarctic Sea Level)
What is ocean acidification and why does it matter? (NAS15 ) (Oceans acidification)
What role has the Sun played in climate change in recent decades? (NAS04 ) (Sun)
Where is global warming going (WhereWarmingGoing ) ()
Why is Arctic sea ice decreasing while Antarctic sea ice is not? (NAS12 ) (Arctic Antarctic)
World Ocean Heat Content 0-700 m - 1955-2010 (GUOHC GlobalUpperOceanHeatContent) (Oceans)